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Frank Francese, Watercolor Artist

Frank Francese

Frank Francese has been a professional artist and instructor since 1976. He's won a long list of awards, has had many one-man shows of his work and served as juror for numerous art shows. Francese is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society of America, the Colorado Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, the Western Colorado Watercolor Society, the Watercolor U.S.A. Honor Society and the Taos Society of Watercolorists. Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, Francese teaches workshops across the country.



DVDs by Frank Francese


Frank Francese Watercolor 1

Frank Francese Watercolor 2

Frank Francese Fast and Loose DVD

Fast And Loose With Frank Francese



“Painting Fast and Loose” with Frank Francese is an exciting entry level teaching DVD and focuses on painting nature scenes, figures, automobiles and city scenes. In what may well become a very popular series, Frank helps the artist to have fun by “…taking a chance and taking charge” in the process of painting with watercolor.

In what is the essence of painting “loose” , Franks shows the viewer his technique of letting the paint mix on the paper and how this approach leads the painter into having fun in the process of creating.

In this, his first DVD presentation, Frank sums it up by telling the student to, “Try not to think too much about your painting but just jump right in.”
Added features include a walk through Francese’s gallery and a brief interview.


Frank Frencese Watercolor DVD

Exciting Color in Everyday Paintings


Frank Francese Watercolor 1

Frank Francese Watercolor 2


In Frank Francese's latest DVD outing entitled "Exciting Color in Everyday Painting", the Colorado resident once again becomes the artist/conductor and rhythmically shows us how lots of bold colors and a big brush can be used to distinctively fill up a full sheet of watercolor paper in under two hours.

Painting from a detailed drawing value-sketch, Francese starts each exercise with wide, flat brushes to lay in his favorite landscape or cityscape shapes and then applies his favorite colors in loose, juicy fashion and lets the paint mix on the paper.

"My favorite subjects are visually complex, but I don't transfer drawings to watercolor paper and I hardly mix any color on my palette," Francese says. "I paint fast and loose. I capture most scenes in two to three hours max. Because I paint fast and loose, colors run, shift and mix together."Like several emergent professional artist/instructors today, Francese fully believes that painting should be fun and through each exercise, puts the viewer in charge of their very own painting journey. "If you like a color," Francese says, "Don't be afraid to use it or what someone may say about it."

If painting quickly and with passion as it applies to watercolor expression is what you are looking for, this is the DVD for you. The three workshop subjects include "The Color of a Winter Scene", "Vibrant Color in a City Scene" and "The Color of Nature's Storms". Total running time is 2 hours and ends with a trip through a gallery of Frank's recent paintings.