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Gerald Brommer, Fine Artist

Gerald Brommer

Gerald Brommer is an innovative watercolor and acrylic painter, collagist, teacher, author and juror. He has written and edited more than 20 books for high school and college art classes. For artists, he has written a book on landscape painting and several books on collage. He has produced ten video programs for middle and high school art and four videos for practicing artists. His work is in over 4200 private and corporate collections in 44 states and eight countries overseas. After 26 years of teaching high school art, he continues to teach art workshops nationally and internationally.


DVDs by Gerald Brommer


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From Line and Shape to Complex Surfaces

From Line and Shape to Complex Surfaces



In From Line and Shape to Complex Surfaces, Gerald focuses on two of the most basic elements of art; line and shape and then adds collage, watercolor and gesso to the surface. He begins each piece from his active sketchbook and then takes the viewer on a journey that is both practical and inspirational. 75 minute art instruction video.


Stained Paper and Collage

Stained Paper and Collage

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Gerald Brommer's DVD, Stained Paper and Collage is a straightforward approach to the subject of integrating multi-textured paper-collage and watercolor. Noting in his introduction that Picasso and Braque used collage techniques, Brommer shows us the steps he uses to fashion his innovative and acclaimed art work.

Brommer first takes hand made paper of various weights and textures, tears it into smaller piece and then "stains" the paper with watercolor from his loaded palette. Following this step, he draws his “design” on 300 lb. watercolor paper and then loosely arranges the stained paper to get a "...good sense of the design and shape the work will take." After arranging the stained paper by colors, he then uses a very loose technique to apply the paper to the drawing surface and adds watercolor detail to finish the painting. The final chapter is a visual gallery of many of Brommer's most popular collage pieces.

83 minute art instruction video.