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Mary Ann Beckwith, Watercolor Painter

Mary Ann Beckwith

Mary Ann Beckwith is a professor of art in the visual and performing arts department at Michigan Technological University. She has twice been the recipient of MTU's Distinguished Teaching Award and her paintings have earned acclaim across the nation. She is a signature member of NWS, AWS and the International Society of Experimental Artists.



DVDs by Mary Ann Beckwith


Mary Ann Beckwith Preview

Mary Ann Beckwith The Brush and Beyond

The Brush and Beyond




Award-winning watercolor artist and instructor Mary Ann Beckwith's The Brush and Beyond is less about painting than it is about learning how to make "Art". She takes us into her experimental painting world where results are always a source of inspiration lead us to the next step in our artistic journey.

Beginning with the importance of keeping a sketchbook or journal, Beckwith demonstrates "Watercolor Cobweb Painting" in which we are shown one of the many ways of creating textural starts on a full sheet of 140 lb. watercolor paper or Yupo. "Creating four or five painting starts in one session is a way to keep me interested and productive", Beckwith says. "As color is personal, find the ones that really speak to you and motivate you… in other words, you will get better paintings if you use colors you like."

As she does in all her popular workshops, Mary Ann wants artists to be willing to try something they have never done before. The video also includes many finishing ideas, taking a second look earlier work along with creating more textures and spray-painting techniques.

130 minute art instruction video with added gallery features.