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Robert Burridge: Acrylic Artist

Robert Burridge

Robert Burridge teaches a variety of painting workshops to professional and emerging painters throughout the United States, Mexico and France. His workshops have historically changed artists’ lives forever. Daily, he receives letters and emails from artists who have attended his classes and whose careers have taken off in new and productive directions. Robert Burridge has written and published two artist books: "Loosen Up Studio Workbook" and "Art Marketing: The Business of Selling Your Art".



DVDs by Robert Burridge


Robert Burridge Preview 1

Abstract Florals from Loose  Colorful Splatters

Abstract Florals from Loose
Colorful Splatters



Within a few minutes of watching Bob Burridge's Abstract Florals from Loose Colorful Splatters you'll have no doubt as to why he has become one of the most popular and sought after workshop instructors around.

Bob's approach in teaching is not so much about using specific materials as it is about getting us to loosen up and have fun with our painting. And as Burridge often says, "Isn't having fun why we started painting in the first place?" The focus of this instructional DVD is preparing several small pieces of gessoed watercolor paper and then using them to splash and splatter on loose and juicy acrylic color. The end result is a series of abstract floral paintings that have been created using some basic design and composition techniques that are familiar to each and every artist. Using his new color wheel, Bob even shows us how easy it is to use primary and complementary colors to bring pop and interest to our paintings.

The DVD's eight chapters include Preparing the Paper, Warming Up, Making a Mess, Design, Composition and Color Wheel and Painting Stems and Glass. Extras include a short interview with Bob and a look at some of the paintings in his gallery.

79 minute art instruction video.


Robert Burridge Loosen Up With Acrylics DVD

Loosen Up
With Acrylics!

  Robert Burridge Preview 2


In his DVD, Loosen Up with Acrylics, Robert Burridge shows you his personal techniques to really successful acrylic compositions. He is constantly moving, painting and talking, and you can't help but have fun watching and learning from all the great things that he has to say!

Chapters in this art video include: Art Materials, Toning the Paper, Reviewing the Color Wheel, Lights & Darks, Painting Monochromatically, Painting with Color, Make a Mess, Is Your Painting Done? and Presenting Your Art. Watching Robert paint is a lot of fun, and learning from him is even better!

55 minute art instruction video.


Robert Burridge Making Money with Your Art DVD

Making Money With Your Art

  Robert Burridge Preview 3


In Making Money With Your Art, Robert and Kate Burridge candidly answer the top ten burning questions that artists have about selling their artwork. Bob is a leading acrylic artist and popular workshop instructor who is certainly no stranger to making, marketing and selling his art. Some of the topics covered by the Burridge’s in the almost hour and a half DVD include What is Marketing, Photographing Your Art, Artist’s Bio's and Websites Pricing Your Artwork and Galleries.

77 minute art instruction video.