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Skip Lawrence, Watercolor Artist

Skip Lawrence

William "Skip" Lawrence is an artist and a teacher who has spent his life pursuing what he loves - art. As a nationally recognized painter, author, and teacher, Skip Lawrence is renowned for his extraordinary work as a colorist. He regularly has his work included in books, magazines and national publications, while he also juries national and international exhibitions.
When Skip is not busy teaching or painting he is working on other projects such as The Palette - a magazine that he and one of his colleagues, Christopher Schink, publish together. Skip has also made a variety of instructional videos and is currently in the process of making more. He has also found time to write a book titled Painting Light and Shadow in Watercolor.



DVDs by Skip Lawrence

  Skip Lawrence Secrets of Color 3 DVD Set picture  
Skip Lawrence Sercrets OF Color DVD Set

The Secrets of Color: Value, Hue and Intensity


The best paintings clearly communicate the artist’s feelings and ideas. Clear choices of how we use the language of paint can make it easier to achieve the beautiful result that every artist wants, every time.
By understanding the important tool of contrast of color every artist can make design decisions, not design accidents! The “Secrets of Color” DVD video series addresses a powerful design tool that every artist needs to understand to consistently create beautiful, heartfelt paintings. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned painter, this DVD set will help clarify and refresh your artistic vision, and bring new excitement to your work.